NYA-EVO Camera Backpack

Nya Evo Camera Backpack

Recently I was honoured to become a Global Ambassador for NYA-EVO adventure camera backpacks. The NYA-EVO 36 backpack started life as a Kickstarter campaign aimed at adventurers, explorers and creators. NYA-EVO consists of a dedicated team managed by two very enthusiastic guys named Jensen and Mario.

I have been using the NYA-EVO Fjord 36 backpack for a few months now whilst taking it on numerous photography adventures around Northern England, Scottish Highlands and Iceland. I wanted to fully put it through its paces in various weather and conditions before writing about it here. First impressions have been very favourable and never failed despite the treatment it has received.

One of my favourite features is the adaptability of the backpack with it multiple pockets and storage options. The large RCI can comfortably hold my Nikon D810 with 16-35mm lens along with a spare camera body, 70-200mm lens, filters and various other bits of kit. The backpack has a large padded pocket to the front that is suitable to carry a laptop along with other gear. Towards the top it has an ingenious removable stretchy pocket that is suitable for a helmet or waterproof jacket. Tripods and water bottles can be securely carried on the side in the stretch pockets or fastened with various straps around the backpack. This is indeed a solid and well thought through adventure photography backpack. 

The Fjord 36 backpack’s compact size holds 36 liters of gear and complies with most flight ‘carry-on’ sizes. With a full-size aluminium frame, highly water-resistant and durable materials, the rugged NYA-EVO Fjord 36 all-rounder pack is up for any adventure bringing you worry-free performance at any time. The Fjord 36 Backpack is a modular system and can take different sized adaptable Removable Camera Inserts (RCI) to accommodate all of my needs and usage scenarios.



NYA-EVO has announced that the new Fjord 60-C adventure camera backpack is now live as a Kickstarter campaign. The bigger brother of the Fjord 36 but with many new features. 

View the Fjord Backpack campaign

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