Buttermere mist

Northern Wild landscape Photography - Single fence on Buttermere during a very atmospheric misty morning, Lake District UK

These captures were taken on the last day of a hot summer blue sky featureless weekend in the Lake District, United Kingdom. Many photos during my time here suffered from the harsh lighting conditions and I had almost given up. On my last morning camping in Bertha the campervan on the shores of Buttermere I was greeted to this glorious misty sunrise. The mist was fast moving but blanketed the lake and surrounding area obscuring my intended view of the Haystacks mountain and Fleetwith Pike on the opposite shores.

Now was time to quickly set up at a submerged fence and wait for the scene to show itself, this reminded me of a line used often during my army days ‘Hurry up and wait’. As the mist slowly drifted past my vantage point it gradually revealed the peaks and hung heavily in an ethereal manner that caught the soft sunlight and reflected it in the mirror like lake. In order to capture this at its best I bracketed 5 different exposures to retain as much dynamic range as possible. Just after capturing this scene the mist has quickly dissipated due to the rising sun and all was back to the same conditions as the previous days. A special moment indeed and one that I will treasure.


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