Portable Power – Jackery Explorer 500

As a nomadic landscape photographer, power is constantly on my mind with the constant need for charging cameras, drones and laptops. Although I do have leisure batteries in my living area, a reliable additional power solution for tech is of the utmost importance. 

I have tried numerous solutions such as power banks and smaller solar panels. None have been as reliable as the Jackery Explorer 500. This power pack comes in a tidy self contained unit with built in input/ output options and an excellent folding solar panel. I have beem using the Jackery for a few months now and will cover the main points below

The Jackery Explorer 500 is predominantly constructed from very tough black and orange plastic. The design is very rugged with a solid handle and nothing protruding that might catch on something. It is going to withstand abuse and be easy to carry to where it is required. To the front is a small back lit LCD display panel that can be used to view the charge level and power draw from items connected to it. Next to the display are a selection of input and output ports, to the side is a very handy built in LED spotlight that has come in handy many times. Generally the Jackery is going to withstand abuse, be easy to use and carry to where it is required. 

The Jackery Explorer 500 can be charged three different ways. UK wall socket adapter, 12v car charge adapter and the excellent folding Solar panel. Charging times vary depending on input but the Jackery has an added benefit of allowing passthrough charging. This means that it can still be used whilst being charged.

The Jackery solar panel is 100W and although quite big, it folds in half and securely fastens with strong magnetically closing handles. Outside the solar panel is a handy pouch that holds the charging cables as well as USB charging ports. The panel also has velcro fixed angled stands that enable quick placement at the optimum angle towards the sun.

A good selection of AC, DC and USB output ports available ranging from. Three USB-A ports, 12v cigarette lighter type and UK three pin socket powered by a Pure Sine Wave inverter that will deliver clean power for sensitive items such as laptops.


Generally this is an excellent portable power option for photographers, van lifers and anyone requiring a extra power when on the road or emergency situations at home. It could also be used as an all in one power solution for a campervan Instead of complicated electrical wiring and batteries.


  • Easy to carry 
  • Very portable and rugged
  • Excellent solar panel
  • Great selection of Power inputs & outputs
  • Easy to operate


  • Bulky handle
  • No fast charge USB-C port


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