Long exposure

It was a beautiful spring day today so I decided to visit Whitby and experiment with Long exposures using the Lee Filters Big Stopper.

The initial plan was to walk up the 99 steps, past the Abbey then onto Saltwick bay. Unfortunately when I arrived the tide was on its way in and offered very little opportunities for Long Exposures.  Instead I decided to relax for a bit and enjoy the warm sunshine.
After a very relaxing afternoon at Saltwick Bay I then made my way back down towards Whitby and headed towards the pier. The pier was still very busy at this time but I wasn’t too worried as I was hoping to experiment with long exposures that will hopefully not capture any people as long as they were moving.

lee big stopperOnce I set-up my camera I did a test shot to get the correct exposure, this gave me an exposure of 1/40th of a second. Using the handy guide that came with the Lee Big StopperI calculated that I will be able to achieve an exposure of approximately 40 seconds (more than enough to blur out any movement of people and soften the waves). I then turned the camera focusing from Auto focus to manual as the camera will not be able find anything to focus on once the big stopper was in place, set the exposure to ‘bulb’ and covered the viewfinder to stop any light leaking in and spoiling the image. Once ready I used my Smartphone to time the 40 seconds then clicked and held the remote shutter for the allocated time.


As you can see from the photograph below the people have more or less vanished and the waves softened by the long exposure effect. I’m hoping to experiment with this techniques more in the future.



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